Urbanism concept

Plateforme(s) won the second prize of the international design competition Design for Change, which in 2013/2014, dealt with abandoned urban areas on the borders between Mouscron, Belgium and Tourcoing, France. Based on a cartographic study of different urban elements that surround the border, a codification is put together and the border is proportionally flattened.

The project is a mise en abîme of the border: the horizontal mapping is projected on the geographic middle line of the zone, each color is associated to a height, creating platforms whose usage are determined by the visitor of the area: a playground, a place to wander, to work out etc… the residents make this third area their own, which in a way is not so third after all, since it exists by, from and for the other two spaces that it cohabits with.

In collaboration with Riwa Baroud, Iva Ković, Mayssa Kaddoum, Maissa Maatouk, Mariam Mikhael
led by architect Rabih Geha