Petit catalogue d’oiseaux


Scenography work
collaboration with  Riwa Baroud
spectacle de Baalbeck, Liban

Un oiseau se pose sur le nez de son homme et fait descendre la lune
– Juan Mìrò

1937 marks the adventurous take-off of l’Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts, which in 2012, was celebrating its 75th anniversary. “Petit Catalogue d’Oiseaux” (french for: Small Catalog of Birds)

consists of a series of comings and goings in time, through 7 emblematic figures of 1937. It’s a performance about characters and events that share an aerial aspect, often fulgurant, that sends us back to the sources of our contemporary lives: radio, film, the conquest of the sky, popular music, individual performances…