Textile printing, 120 x 247 cm
Collaboration with Dalia Khalife

Hormones is a part of Across The Border, a participatory project by artist Filippo Minelli, discussing topics of migration and identity in the age of big-data. It’s was on show at Manifesta 12 in Palerma, Italy.

Participants are commissioned to realise a series of flags, to be activated through performative interventions taking place in different locations around the world. Each flag contains a word connecting to its country.

Hormones is a reference to a vegetable sticker found in Lebanon’s markets. The word caught our attention as it raises current problematics regarding the country. First, in how ironically casual pollution and corruption have become in relation with food safety. Second, it is a rather satirical way of shedding light on hormone-driven behavioural patterns, such as, the excessively `testosterone-fuelled` leaderships in the political sphere, the heavily patriarchal society, and the male dominated public space.