EP02: the exhibition


Multimedia installation
collaboration with Ingrid Rousseau
photography credit: Dylan Perrenoud
drone operator: Simon Senn

The Lemon, in ceramic, 10.5×6.1×5.6 cm;
The Portrait, in white corian, 39×17.5×2.7 cm, 24.6×13.7×3.5 cm, 15.5×8.0x3.3 cm
The House, in sugar icing, 35x20x22 cm

The second episode of Guffetsch was shot in May 2016 at LiveInYourHead gallery, Geneva (CH), during the opening of an art exhibition. 

The episode documents three art pieces exhibited in the gallery: The Lemon, in ceramic; The Portrait, in white corian, and The House, in sugar icing.